TBES is proudly HTA Certified

As a homeowner, it can be difficult to choose a trusted partner for your home’s technology. To help you determine which companies truly have the necessary experience and quality of work, the Home Technology Association has created a rigorous set of standards to vet and certify home technology companies like us.

HTA Budget Calculator

Answer 20 simple questions and get an instant budget estimate for your project.

What to expect from us as an HTA Certified Company:

  • A stellar reputation in the marketplace
  • A demonstrated history of technical competence and high–quality aftercare service
  • The ability to deliver high–performance theater acoustical design
  • A demonstrated history of delivering a high–quality home automation experience
  • Ability to deliver high–performance enterprise–grade computer networks
  • Background checks on all new employees
  • Endorsements from at least three manufacturers, at least three local industry professionals and at least three design/build professionals
  • Frequent collaboration with luxury home architects, builders, and interior designers

The Home Technology Association uses 60+ criteria to evaluate dealers and only the top 10 to 15% of dealers nationwide achieve this coveted certification.

The budget calculator below is provided by the Home Technology Association and is intended to be used for rough budgeting purposes. It is possible for the actual project price to be lower or higher than the calculated budget range based on product selection and the scope of work. We find that choosing the “Fairly Inexpensive” option for the Cost of Living/Cost of Labor produces the most accurate results for the Tampa Bay Market.

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