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At Tampa Bay Electronic Systems, we customize Savant systems to create a simple, elegant smart home built around the technology you need.

With Savant, you're enhancing your home with a cutting-edge system that's capable of controlling everything from lights to music, audio/video to security, automation and more.

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Elegantly Easy to Use

Savant automation systems allow you to control your home from multiple devices. Whether you're making changes using your smart phone or tablet, smart watch, by voice, or with the official Savant remote, controlling your home is intuitive and easy with Savant.


With Savant Scenes, you can create preset sequences of tasks for your home to execute in different situations. For breakfast, for example, have the shades go up across the house and adjust the lights, fans and air conditioning. For a romantic dinner, turn the music on and dim the lights. 

One–Touch Automation

Make life even easier by putting your home on a preset automation, to take care of those standard tasks that need to happen every day.


Adjust the lights, shades, music, thermostat and more automatically, on a regular schedule. Save time and tweak your environment to align more closely with your preferred lifestyle.


Savant can integrate with many other systems in your home, bringing your home together under one interface to allow simple, universal control.

A System You Can Rely On

TBES takes great care in designing, programming and installing Savant systems according to your vision.


Our custom Savant solutions are designed to adapt to any needs your home has. You can even create custom Savant profiles for your family members and visitors, giving them full or partial access to your Savant system.
Should your system require updates or service in the future, our team will be ready to help. We also offer extended service and monitoring for clients looking for an enhanced level of care, adjustments and system maintenance.

A system that offers complete control of our home environment

I initially contacted Jaret in an effort to upgrade my multi-zone A/V system, and came away very impressed. Within a short period of time, he was offering practical solutions that met all of our consumer needs without breaking the budget. I found his responsiveness second to none, and the solutions he offered are proving to be versatile enough to offer expansion opportunities, and sustainable enough to pass the test of time.

Thanks to Jaret and his team, I have a system that continues to offer complete control within the confines of our home environment. I recommend them highly.


Steve B.

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