Lighting Control & LED Lighting

One–Touch Lighting

Imagine a lighting control system designed for your family’s needs. Instead of going through the routine each day of manually flipping lights on and off throughout your home, what if you could activate preset lighting conditions with one touch?


What if you could program your home to save energy by automatically turning lights off during the daytime to save energy?


At Tampa Bay Electronic Systems, we work with you to do exactly this, and more.

Centralized Lighting Control

We help you centralize the control of all the lights in your home into a single interface. Once everything’s connected, you’re able to design preset lighting conditions customized for the activities happening in your home (dinner or a movie, for example).


Improve your home’s atmosphere by putting your lighting control on autopilot, turning off and on or dimming depending on the time of day, or whether you’re away from home or not.

LED and Landscape Lighting

We provide Low–Voltage LED Lighting and Landscape Lighting fixtures and installation services to our new construction clients.


Our Control4 Centralized Lighting systems can power elegant indoor LED lighting solutions via our 0–10 volt dimming modules. We also offer extensive options for low–voltage exterior and landscape lighting needs from basic on/off fixtures to color–changing dimming LED landscape systems.

Curious how a lighting control system could benefit your home?

Let us work with you to save time, save energy and add convenience and atmosphere. With our smart home lighting systems, take control of your home and customize your environment to your family’s needs.

We hired TBES to replace our antiquated lighting and sound system and are thrilled

We hired TBES to replace our antiquated lighting and sound system and are thrilled with the finished product. As contractors go they were fantastic. They prepared a detailed proposal, they started and showed up when they said they would and they were very considerate of our home and privacy. They issued appropriate change orders as we expanded the project, they cleaned up after themselves every day and they completed the project, even with the expansion, on time. We are pleased to recommend them.


William B.