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A proven process for integrating technology

When you select Tampa Bay Electronic Systems for your project, you are choosing to work with one of the most experienced smart home firms in Tampa Bay. Our proven design and installation process has led to the successful completion of over 500 system installations in the Tampa Bay area since 2006.

We’ll guide you step by step through each phase of the installation as we take your project from the initial consultation through completion. At that time, our job is really just beginning as we start the most important task of providing the best system service and support in Tampa Bay. 

  • Phase I

    Consultation and Design

  • Phase II


  • Phase III


  • Phase IV

    Ongoing Support

I. Consultation & Design

A complex new construction or remodel systems integration project requires careful design, planning and coordination with builders and other trades.


Whether you need automated shading, lighting control or a full–fledged smart home, we first engage in a consultation process to determine your goals and make a recommendations based on our experience. Then, we create custom designs around your needs and the requirements of your space.


When you hire TBES, there’s a lot going on behind the scenes early on to ensure the successful completion of your project. You can trust that our experienced design and engineering team will adhere to industry standards and best practices to seamlessly integrate technology into your home.

Phase I in Action:

In–Depth Planning

Fully mapping out your project in advance allows us to deliver high-quality projects, time after time.

Below are examples of the detailed drawings we create during the design phase of each project.

II. Infrastructure

For speed, reliability and security, most home and business technology systems run on hardwired solutions.


During a new build or remodel, there are windows of opportunity to add long–lasting hardwired solutions to your home to power your system, or futureproof your home to keep your options open for new technology.


We ensure your technology infrastructure meets your current and future needs, and make sure the placement of the infrastructure within your home or business is strategically placed to power your systems. Wireless options aren’t as preferred as hardwired, but may be a good option for certain projects.

Phase II in Action:

Enterprise Grade Systems

We design and install our systems with enterprise–grade professionalism, ensuring the highest levels of speed, uptime and reliability.

III. Implementation

After consultation, planning and pre–wiring/infrastructure, the true work of the project begins.


For each project, Tampa Bay Electronic Systems dedicates a project manager to ensure successful communication between the builders, interior designer, and any other contractor that may be involved.


Whether it’s a simple, quick install or a whole house automation system, our project managers ensure that the quality we’re known for is present on your project.

Phase III in Action:

Seamless, Professional Installation

The best in smart home technology, well–designed and completely integrated into your home.

IV. Ongoing Support

With home and commercial technology systems, our relationship doesn’t end when the job is finished.


Issues arise, equipment needs troubleshooting, systems may have downtime. If those things happen, trust that you’ll receive a quick and effective response from those who know your system best: us.


At Tampa Bay Electronic Systems, our clients get access to 24/7 support through our TBES Preferred Service Plan. Some issues can be solved remotely and nearly instantaneously. If you face a disruption in your system’s uptime, we’re here for you 24/7 to resolve it.

Phase IV in Action:

Remote Troubleshooting

Call us or start a chat, and get help immediately! Many common network issues can be resolved quickly via our remote system.

Real–Time Service Map

Our real–time service map notifies as soon as an issue is present for clients on our Preferred Service Plan.

In many cases, we can resolve the issue before a client is even aware of it.

TBES delivered on all ideas proposed when others did not feel it could be done

I have built two offices and recently renovated a house. Working with Jaret has been by far my most positive experience. His passion, professionalism, and honesty were apparent from the start. However, his perfectionism and reliability managed to exceed my expectations. He delivered on all ideas proposed when others did not feel it could be done. Even when an issue arose that was unrelated to his work, he came by that evening, diagnosed the problem, and the power company was able to resolve a potentially dangerous electrical situation the next day.

Jaret has made incorporating audio/visual technology to simplify and enhance my life a wonderful venture and I have a true sense of peace knowing that he is always accessible should any issue arise. I recommend his services with the highest praise.


Kevin M.

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