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A Network You Can Count On

A secure, reliable and fast network is the foundation for all systems installed by Tampa Bay Electronic Systems.


Our TBES technicians follow strict cyber security standards as we implement enterprise–grade networks in each of our projects. We install hard–wired connections where needed and deploy multiple wifi access points to ensure the best connectivity for all devices anywhere inside or outside of your home. 


TBES Preferred Service Plans include 24/7 support to offer our clients the peace of mind in knowing we will be there to assist at all hours in the event of a network interruption.  

Is Your Existing Home Network Reliable?

Your home’s network should be dependable. Each time it goes down, you lose productivity and enjoyment, and have to deal with the hassle of troubleshooting the problem.


If you’re tired of dealing with weak signals and resetting your router, let’s talk. At Tampa Bay Electronic Systems, we can work with you to redesign your network to improve your WiFi signal, speed and reliability, taking into account the size of your home, physical obstacles like walls, and typical usage.

Boost Connectivity

A cell phone booster system installed by Tampa Bay Electronic Systems provides homeowners with the best connectivity possible at your location by boosting the indoor cellular signal, using an external antenna and multiple indoor antennas.


With the concrete block and hurricane windows that are being installed in new homes, a cell phone booster system is an essential for every new construction project.

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